The online VA ARES registration website is no longer functioning and the database that would yield a list of registered ARES members from Page County is not accessible.  Consequently, as part of the our rejuvenation effort I'm asking all those who have registered in the past by any method, as well as anyone who would like to join ARES, to please print, fill out and sign the Registration Form

If you have the ability to scan it to a PDF or similar file, please email it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  As an alternative, feel free to snail mail it to me at the address in the ARES Positions Page.   We can also get laminated membership cards with photos.  These are printed and signed by the Virginia ARES Section Emergency Coordinator and require that you provide a 'head and shoulders' photo in JPEG format as well as your ARRL Member ID Number (From your QST mailing label).

In addition to registering new members and renewing all others we receive, we intend to compile the resource data for a picture of Page County communications capabilities.  So, in addition to the information requested in the form, please include any additional info you might desire regarding digital modes you use or are interested in pursuing, any NIMS or ARRL  EmComm training you may have,...just about  anything you think could be applied to emergency communications.  Please include a comment about any aspect of service within ARES that is particularly attractive to you.